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The 7 WORST Logo Designs in History!

A well designed and appropriate logo is one of the most important tools when it comes to marketing and advertising. So why do so many companies still get it so wrong? They have the best graphic designers in the world at their disposal yet still fall down when it comes to their logos. This usually happens when a company decides to outsource their logo design service to another country. Here are what are generally considered to be the 7 worst logo designs in history:

Mega Flicks

This video rental giant deserves a top quality logo that can be seen from miles around and tell people exactly what they are selling. Sadly, they instead sent out the message that they dealt in, erm, specialist movies. An easy fix in all honesty, but very funny for the rest of us.





Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

So at first glance it’s just boring. The Letters OGC written horizontally then vertically. Look properly at the vertical version; look at the stroke of the G. You see it now? Whether this was intentional or slipped through the net is unknown, but it did make us think the OGC had a sense of humor.






Rising Sun Sushi

The premise behind this, ahem, interesting logo is that it is meant to be representative of a Japanese tea house against the red sun. The result is, well, it depends on which way your mind works to be honest but it sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s intended to. Whatever you personally think this logo implies, you can bet your bottom dollar is isn’t a sushi house.



Arlington Pediatric Center

After being continually lambasted for their old logo which smacked more of pedophilia than anything else, they had a rebrand. Now, wouldn’t you have thought they would have given it their full attention so as not to mess it up a second time. At first glance the new logo looks inoffensive, but look carefully at the C, is that some kind of crab at the top? Epic fail #2.



London Olympics 2012

The greatest sporting spectacle to hit the UK for decades and an absolute fortune spent on a logo that looks like crap. The attempt to look oh so cool and radical backfired big style. We can almost forgive them for the color but the hideous jagged numbering? Not a chance. No big surprise this has been voted the worst Olympic logo ever. However, in a twist of events it has provided Simpson viewers around the globe with a (pleasant?) surprise. It seems like Lisa Simpson is on her knees, giving London ….. a head.



Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Now before you look at this, remember it was designed back in 1973.Not only did it win a design award but things were perceived somewhat differently back then. Now look at. In all honesty, how freaking funny is that?



Kids Exchange

This smacks of blatant stupidity. How many people in this corporation will have looked at this logo before it went up across the country. It’s such a simple fix too. Capital letters, spaces between the words. None of it rocket science. Instead, shoppers were faced with the option of turning little Stephanie into little Stephen rather than being able to swap clothes and nursery goods.




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