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Logo My Gosh provides businesses with cost-effective solutions for your affordable logo design needs. Businesses today are faced with increasing expenses and the need to make fiscally responsible decisions. Advertising and marketing initiatives using business cards and logo designs can be performed in a cost-effective manner using Logo My Gosh services. The high-quality logo designs and customizable options provide customers with countless solutions to developing a creative way to advertise and promote their business endeavors. First impressions matter to customers and businesses. Making a quality first impression is critical to convince customers to become return customers. Because first impressions are lasting impressions, our team of expert graphic designers invests our time to learn about your business and your unique needs. Your consulting team of experts have over 45 years of experience in the area of graphic design and are flexible, creative, and will achieve nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.
Logo My Gosh specializes in developing your business logo with an appearance that stands out from the competition. Business networking opportunities are made possible frequently through the use of social or professional media and using business cards. A high-quality business card with a corporate logo becomes the first impression when a business professional hands over a card. Premium quality logo designs from Loge My Gosh will be eye-catchers at business conventions, corporate meetings, or other industry gatherings. Customized logo design services are a necessary component of successful marketing and sales. Your customers will remember your professional image when it stands out from the competitors. The key is to choose an inexpensive yet flexible solution to purchasing professional logo designs. This cost-effective solution allows you to focus on your customers, business-specific needs, and investing time to meet your organizational goals. Make your business emerge from the competition with a unique professional logo while your business leaders focus their efforts on running a successful organizaiton. Leave your professional logo design and business card needs to the experts at Logo My Gosh.

Logo My Gosh offers customers the opportunity to be creative and customize their professional logo design. This image can be revised, altered, and adjusted as often as necessary to achieve desired results. This opportunity is unique because there is no limit to the number of times revisions can be submitted. Additionally, Logo My Gosh archives your customized logo design. In the event of an emergency or logo loss, Logo My Gosh can retrieve your images and professional logo design. Many commercial design companies often charge $300+ or more for customized logo design jobs. At Logo My Gosh, the options are very affordable and result in cost-effective purchasing decisions for high-quality product.

There are currently 3 affordable packages for logo designs, business card designs and a corporate identity design package. For as little as $197, you can get a custom logo and business card design with an unlimited amount of revisions. As a token of appreciation for your business, the business card package includes 3 free employee cards. Once you decide upon your finalized customization design logo, Logo My Gosh guarantees a prompt 24-48 hour turn around time on your project completion. Our customers are our primary priority and we acknowledge that time is a commodity. For your convenience, our customer service team is available to meet your needs through phone, e-mail and live chat. This flexibility allows you to operate your business, take advantage of our services at Logo My Gosh, while being able to remain in your place of business. There is no need for you to leave your business to optimize your professional image that is portrayed through your business logo and professional design.

The Logo Design package is another valuable product available at Logo My Gosh for just $127. You have the ability to completely customize your logo design with unlimited revisions and redraws. When you are satisfied with your customized logo design, Logo My Gosh will complete your project within 48 hours. As always, our professional customer service team is here to accommodate your needs through e-mail and live chat technology.

Finally we offer our full corporate branding package with includes everything your business needs to stand out from the herd and really make in impact on your industry. Our full corporate branding package includes a logo design, business cards, stationary, envelopes, coffee mugs, cds and more!

As us how we can help improve your business’ image today!

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