The Psychology of Color in Logo Designs.

It’s no secret that there is a definite science behind the colors chosen in a company logo design. Different colors are used in a brand’s logo to evoke certain emotions in those who see it. Here’s a helpful infographic which explains color theory as it pertains to logo design.

Color Theory In Logo Design

worst logos of 2014

The 7 WORST Logo Designs in History!

A well designed and appropriate logo is one of the most important tools when it comes to marketing and advertising. So why do so many companies still get it so wrong? They have the best graphic designers in the world at their disposal yet still fall down when it comes to their logos. This usually happens when a company decides to outsource their logo design service to another country. Here are what are generally considered to be the 7 worst logo designs in history:

Mega Flicks

This video rental giant deserves a top quality logo that can be seen from miles around and tell people exactly what they are selling. Sadly, they instead sent out the message that they dealt in, erm, specialist movies. An easy fix in all honesty, but very funny for the rest of us.





Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

So at first glance it’s just boring. The Letters OGC written horizontally then vertically. Look properly at the vertical version; look at the stroke of the G. You see it now? Whether this was intentional or slipped through the net is unknown, but it did make us think the OGC had a sense of humor.






Rising Sun Sushi

The premise behind this, ahem, interesting logo is that it is meant to be representative of a Japanese tea house against the red sun. The result is, well, it depends on which way your mind works to be honest but it sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s intended to. Whatever you personally think this logo implies, you can bet your bottom dollar is isn’t a sushi house.



Arlington Pediatric Center

After being continually lambasted for their old logo which smacked more of pedophilia than anything else, they had a rebrand. Now, wouldn’t you have thought they would have given it their full attention so as not to mess it up a second time. At first glance the new logo looks inoffensive, but look carefully at the C, is that some kind of crab at the top? Epic fail #2.



London Olympics 2012

The greatest sporting spectacle to hit the UK for decades and an absolute fortune spent on a logo that looks like crap. The attempt to look oh so cool and radical backfired big style. We can almost forgive them for the color but the hideous jagged numbering? Not a chance. No big surprise this has been voted the worst Olympic logo ever. However, in a twist of events it has provided Simpson viewers around the globe with a (pleasant?) surprise. It seems like Lisa Simpson is on her knees, giving London ….. a head.



Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Now before you look at this, remember it was designed back in 1973.Not only did it win a design award but things were perceived somewhat differently back then. Now look at. In all honesty, how freaking funny is that?



Kids Exchange

This smacks of blatant stupidity. How many people in this corporation will have looked at this logo before it went up across the country. It’s such a simple fix too. Capital letters, spaces between the words. None of it rocket science. Instead, shoppers were faced with the option of turning little Stephanie into little Stephen rather than being able to swap clothes and nursery goods.




To ensure YOU don’t end up on this list, contact us and have us design your company logo and brand your business!

Photographer Logo Design

5 Reasons Photographers Need a Professional Logo Design

Even though cameras have been around for decades, technological breakthroughs in the past few years have made it more accessible for anyone to learn. The physical cameras are more advanced, information and tutorials are readily available on the internet, and digital software makes the final touches even better. As with any other industry in such a position, the number of professionals has increased dramatically. There are many times more professional photographers than existed only a few years ago and this is due, in large part, to the ease of use with many photo-capture technologies.

In order to stand out, it is necessary to do more than take great photos. A business and marketing sense is required to make a success photography business.

Reasons for a Professional Photography Logo Design

While there are many reasons for anyone to get a professionally designed logo, there are some aspects specific to photographers that should never go neglected.

1. Artistic design is not graphic design – there are plenty of great photographers that have skills capturing the moment and also edit well with software. Even with these skills, there is a vast difference between capturing a great scene and creating an abstract and marketable logo. The professional designers focus specifically on what makes a good logo, which includes aspects of marketability that many photographers might not even consider.

Professional logo designers have also been in the industry long enough to see what other photographers are using for their logos. This can give them an edge when developing something that is unique to you.

2. Photography matters, but marketing matters more – any professional photographer will be eager to show you his or her portfolio of previous shots. You can take a look at their best work, but only if you ask or seek it yourself. Marketing professional services is the only way that you will stay in business. A lot of professional photographers think that it is okay to neglect their logo altogether. When proud of the portfolio, it is difficult to come out of this mindset.

A professional logo designer will ensure that you have the ability to market your services. While the quality of the work is the utmost importance, when it comes to actually running a profitable business, the marketing is the most important thing.

3. Your images aren’t the only things that represent your brand – advocates of professional logos make a point of mentioning the importance of standing out from the crowd. If you are not able to stand out from competitors in such a popular industry as professional photography, there is no way that you can be successful. While your images have the biggest impact on potential customers, your logo will distinguish you and help them to remember your work and recognize your “brand”.

Brand recognition is incredibly important if you are in an overcrowded niche within the photography industry (like wedding photography, for instance).

4. Formatting logos is hectic – a good marketing campaign is going to require you to paste your logo in many different spots. With all the new mediums these days, you may need up to a dozen different logo sizes and formats that all have the same clear image of your company. A professional graphic designer will have no problem creating all the different formats for your logos. If you try to do this alone and don’t get adequate results, there is a good chance your brand’s image will suffer. You don’t want people to equate inconsistency and poor design with your brand!

5. Your logo, your values – every photographer has a set of values that govern how he or she lives and does work. Within photography there are many sub-niche areas where people are passionate and do their work with great care. Your logo needs to represent the values that you hold dear. Your prospective clients will feel your values through your logo, which can help them to make the decision that lands in your favor.

Need a professional logo designed?

We’ve worked with a number of professional photographers to come up with a brandable logo that represents them and their work to the fullest. We make sure the logo we design makes an attractive watermark that compliments the client’s work well. Check out our portfolio for examples of our logo design work.

Logo Design Services

Professional Logo Design Services

Logo My Gosh provides businesses with cost-effective solutions for your affordable logo design needs. Businesses today are faced with increasing expenses and the need to make fiscally responsible decisions. Advertising and marketing initiatives using business cards and logo designs can be performed in a cost-effective manner using Logo My Gosh services. The high-quality logo designs and customizable options provide customers with countless solutions to developing a creative way to advertise and promote their business endeavors. First impressions matter to customers and businesses. Making a quality first impression is critical to convince customers to become return customers. Because first impressions are lasting impressions, our team of expert graphic designers invests our time to learn about your business and your unique needs. Your consulting team of experts have over 45 years of experience in the area of graphic design and are flexible, creative, and will achieve nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.
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Logo My Gosh offers customers the opportunity to be creative and customize their professional logo design. This image can be revised, altered, and adjusted as often as necessary to achieve desired results. This opportunity is unique because there is no limit to the number of times revisions can be submitted. Additionally, Logo My Gosh archives your customized logo design. In the event of an emergency or logo loss, Logo My Gosh can retrieve your images and professional logo design. Many commercial design companies often charge $300+ or more for customized logo design jobs. At Logo My Gosh, the options are very affordable and result in cost-effective purchasing decisions for high-quality product.

There are currently 3 affordable packages for logo designs, business card designs and a corporate identity design package. For as little as $197, you can get a custom logo and business card design with an unlimited amount of revisions. As a token of appreciation for your business, the business card package includes 3 free employee cards. Once you decide upon your finalized customization design logo, Logo My Gosh guarantees a prompt 24-48 hour turn around time on your project completion. Our customers are our primary priority and we acknowledge that time is a commodity. For your convenience, our customer service team is available to meet your needs through phone, e-mail and live chat. This flexibility allows you to operate your business, take advantage of our services at Logo My Gosh, while being able to remain in your place of business. There is no need for you to leave your business to optimize your professional image that is portrayed through your business logo and professional design.

The Logo Design package is another valuable product available at Logo My Gosh for just $127. You have the ability to completely customize your logo design with unlimited revisions and redraws. When you are satisfied with your customized logo design, Logo My Gosh will complete your project within 48 hours. As always, our professional customer service team is here to accommodate your needs through e-mail and live chat technology.

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